Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back from our adventure down the ALCAN to see family and friends in Maple Creek, Sask and Medicine Hat, Alberta and back. For those of you that have made that trip you know how beautiful it is. We were blessed with great weather, good health and only a few minor things that needed to be repaired on the camper when we got back home, the road has definitely improved since it was first built but with all of the pot holes and frost heaves in sections you really cant afford to not pay very close attention and drive a nice slow speed especially with our 5th wheel hooked on. Ben did an absolutely great job of driving and makes it seem so effortless keeping that big bugger on the road, I prefer my job as navigator, mobile chef and dog entertainer, not to mention photographer. I have about 1000 plus pictures to sift through and put in the new book that I am making. We left on June 13th and got back in the wee early hours of July 4th. It would have been nicer to have a little more time so that we could have taken more than 5 days to get down and 5 to get back. A nice comfortable trip would be about 300 miles a day instead of the 500 or so miles that we did. Here is a taste of some of the things that we got to see, to many pictures to put them all on here.
The fire weed is in full bloom and looks beautiful and smells great. An important thing to remember though if you have allergies is to leave the flowers outdoors!

Momma bear and her two cubs that were happy to sit by the road so that I could take pictures of them. In the picture above the one cub seemed to be more interested in its belly button than what was going on around him/her.

These buffalo were just a couple of the numerous buffalo that we got to drive by just outside of Laird Hot springs Provincial Park in British Columbia. They are really not bothered by the vehicles and continue to saunter down the road minding their own business.
This was a picture of the drive around Muncho Lake it was breathtaking for the passenger but a little hairy for the driver. The road is quite narrow in places and you can see how the water is starting to eat away at the banks. They were in the middle of some erosion control when we went through.

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