Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is one of those pictures that you are not sure what it is that grabs your attention, I think it was the loneliness of this one leaf floating down the river all by itself.

These two geese were talking up a storm to each other I am not sure if it was an exciting conversation or a lover's quarrel but it was entertaining how loud they were getting with each other.

These are a couple of my favorite river pictures, the water was so calm and the bright sunshiny day just added to the beauty of it all.

Here is one of the walking paths through the campus area, the ones on the outer edges aren't paved but very well maintained.

Here is a picture of some very friendly deer, they just watch you walk by and don't really care as long as you don't move to quickly.

On today's walk I went down a couple of my favorite trails and got the visit with some of the local wild life. I walked down to the river and was able to listen to the crickets and the river, there is something so peaceful about the sound of water and in this case a couple of very talkative geese.

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