Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Christmas this year Ben surprised me with tickets to Seattle for the Harry Potter Exhibitions, which was terrific. The only downside was that you were not allowed to take pictures. They had allot of the props used in all the movies and you could throw a quiddich ball, pull a mandrake, sit in Hagrids chair. Go through the forbidden forest and see the triwizard cup and the things used in the Yule ball. These are just a few of the neat things. Since it was at the Pacific Science Center and they were bringing in the Star Wars Exhibition next we got a surprise visit from the storm troopers, Darth Vadar and Obi won.

During one of our evening strolls we came across this street performer who, with just some pails and a couple cow bells actually made some good music.
This guy was really convincing too, he actually looked like a bronze statue that had gotten the petina with age.
The Seattle space needle, we were up to the top a couple of times and had a wonderful meal up at the top.

We also visited the aquarium and saw this cutie and allot of other fun things.
Here is Ben with one of the local Octopus's
Here is ET from the science fiction museum.

A flamingo from the woodland zoo.
Here is an orchid from the butterfly room at the Pacific Science Center.

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