Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Friday, March 13, 2009

On Monday, my first day as a tourist I went to the national museum. It was to bad that Ben was stuck in a building all day and was unable to visit the critters with me. He did have a great time at his course though so that was good.
The king of the lions was so nice and posed for a great shot. He was really enjoying the really nice warm day, I was too it was about 70 degrees that day.

Here is a picture of the newest addition to the gorilla exhibit. If you look closely you can see the baby in the mommas arms.

I got to the Panda exhibit just at feeding time and this critter was showing us just how strong pandas are and snapping the big bamboo stalks like they were tooth picks.

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Rein of the North said...

This confirms my suspession, DC is one GIANT ZOO. Not all the animals are caged, the rest are stand up comics.