Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Monday, January 26, 2009

During one of the cold snaps as I had the dogs outside I noticed this frost on a log in the back yard. I was amazed how you could see the individual ice crystals.

This was a very special picture for me. I was able to go with Ben when he coached a course at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepardstown, West Virginia. While I was their walking the trails, reading books and vegging out I fell in love with these working dogs in training. One of the ladies that we had met before had been working training these dogs and would look for people to help out during the day while she was in class or at lunch and I was lucking enough to spend time with Tanner the older dog and then at another time I got to have fun with avalanche the younger one. It also helped me get a puppy fix as we had to leave our babies at home.
When I was on the National Conservation Training Center grounds one day I was joined in my walk by this butterfly. I was just standing enjoying the outside air and it landed on my hand and actually stayed with me for about a half an hour while I went on my walk. I think it did this because it was missing part of its wing. You cant really see it in the pictures and I am not sure what could have caused it but it really didn't seem to affect its flying ability.

On one of our trips to Hawaii we went to a luau and I took this picture of the hula girls. Once I got this picture uploaded on the computer and had it "blown" up full size I was in love with the colors and the motions of their skirts.

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