Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter everyone! Here is one of the pictures that we took for my Easter plan that sort of worked out.
Anyone that has ever taken pictures of either a group of kids or pets knows that its pretty near impossible to get everyone looking semi decent at the same time. I don't know how many pictures I tried and this was the only one that would even pass the mustard. A few things I have learned:
1. Never ask your husband to help you when there is a episode of Star Trek on the TV.
2. Don't try to mix dogs and toys.
3. Don't expect an even near perfect picture because the one you have planned in your mind is never going to work.
4. And lastly be willing to laugh at defeat and accept that you live with a house full of nut jobs, its really a good thing we all love each other so much.

The Easter bunny was really, really good to us this year we have allot of chocolate for the deep freeze and will have a great supply for along time.

The Easter bunny was good to the dogs too, they each got their own duckie to love, play with and take care of. Yeah right that lasted about an half an hour and then when I walked into the living room, it looked like a freaking snowman exploded. There was white fluff and duckie body parts everywhere! All I could do was scream "what the heck is going on here!" which brought Ben into the room to see the destruction and Dax sitting in the middle with a big ball of fluff in her mouth as if saying " Wow, look what we did!" Chadish had that look on his face that said " She did it all!" And Tanna " I was the good doggie"
When all the body parts were picked up and the extra fluff, this is what it looked like. And after about a half an hour of sewing they almost look like ducks again and have asked for asylum on the top of the fridge and are on a strict supervision only plan.

But in the end we feasted on a wonderful meal of cider baked ham, cheesy potatoes, veggies, salad and a rhubarb pie. It was a very Happy Easter!

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