Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Friday, March 30, 2007

This afternoon was a beautiful sunny day and when I looked out the back
patio door and to my surprise my little squirrel friend was eating at the
bird feeder. I was really worried about him/her a couple weeks ago because
when I was getting some firewood the pile kind of collapsed and I heard this
horrible little shriek, thought I squished the little bugger and I felt horrible
about it. I feel much better now! The dogs on the other hand would like to
get the squeaker out of it and were trying really hard to find it when I let them
out in the back yard. I am positive that the squirrel is thanking God right now
that dogs can't climb trees.


laura g. said...

Chadish must have been going especially crazy with the squeaking! Glad to hear the little cutie is okay! Great pics!!

Susan said...

THanks! Chadish darn near cleared the fence between us and the neighbors after it, although Tanna just about caught it. I was really cheering for the squirrel! I wished I could have gotten the pictures without Chadish's great snow painting job though..lol