Our Family Photo

Our Family Photo

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

House, Yard and Dogs

It's definitely still winter here and will be for sometime
yet. This morning we awoke to that wonderful white stuff falling from the sky, it seems to be clearing up now so I don't think we will get as much as they predicted.

Here we have our puppy pictures, they were very happy to be playing in the new fluffy snow.
Kira our Yellow Labrador will be 12 years old on May 8th and is still very much a puppy at heart we call her "our river otter" as she loves to roll and rub her face in the snow.
Tanna is our English Springer Spaniel and will be 7 years old on March 27th, she is our protector she saves us from the evil birds, cats and squirrels that invade our yard we call her our "little bear" for the grrrrrr sound she makes when she greats people with a toy in her mouth.

Chadish is our little 110lb Black Labrador baby and will be 5 years old on May 17th. He has many names "the me dog" "what a dog" "buggie" His whole life is about playing and believes that squeakers in toys are evil and must be destroyed. He has come up with many ways to entertain us and keep us wondering what he will do or think of next.

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